Spring Work Update

Spring is a great time of year. The flowers are starting to bloom, the sun is shining brighter, and the days are getting longer – making it the perfect time of year to start on that long list of spring-cleaning projects. When everyone else is just getting started on their to-do lists, here at the Swift House Inn we have been working on ours since December! Our goal is to keep the inn updated and comfortable for our guests, but still preserve the feel and integrity of the original building.

So what have we been doing? One of our main goals this winter and spring was to get some additional bathroom floors replaced and updated in the guest rooms. Bathrooms are an important feature to a room!  This winter and spring we’ve replaced three bathroom floors: the bathroom floor in the Stewart Room in the Main House (featuring two twin XL beds that can be made into a king, gas fireplace, and jetted tub/shower), and the bathroom floors in two rooms in the Gate House, the Turret room and the John Deere Room (both featuring a queen bed and jetted tub/shower). We’ve got one more room on our list: the Addison Room in the Main House, our only room left that still features a claw foot tub.

Speaking of bathrooms: the next thing on our list was to get the tiles replaced in the showers in two of our most popular rooms. The Mansfield Room and Gladstone Room both feature a king bed, double jetted tub/shower, seasonal wood-burning fireplace, and memory foam sofa bed. The Carriage House Rooms are our largest rooms and we want even the smallest feature to reflect the luxury of the space.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve also been working to update our more economically priced rooms in the Gate House. First, we started with adding a heat pump system that would more efficiently (and quietly) heat and cool the rooms. Last year, we replaced the carpet in two of the rooms, the Alexander Twilight Room and Lucy Ford-Slade Room, and also replaced the bathroom floor in the Lucy Ford-Slade Room. This year, along with replacing the bathroom floors in the Turret Room and John Deere Room, we’ve begun updating the bathroom fixtures by starting with replacing the sink in the Alexander Twilight Room.

In between the bigger projects like floors and bathrooms, we are also working to give our rooms fresh looks. The Battell Room and Seymour Room in the Main House, and the Black Hawk Room in the Carriage House, have received a fresh coat of paint this winter. You’ll notice we love our greens and browns – these colors are great for giving a room a relaxing and earthy feel.

Our guest rooms aren’t getting all of the attention: during our March closure of Jessica’s Restaurant we had our wood floors buffed and touched up in the bar and all three of our dining rooms. Our wood floors get a lot of foot traffic with room guests and dinner guests, and we want to make sure they are looking their finest!

We are currently working on a major renovation of our screened in porch: replacing the roof and the sides. The screened in porch is a favorite among our guests (and staff!). It’s the perfect place to read a book or drink a glass of wine as the sun sets. Our goal is to have it finished by Memorial Day weekend so our Middlebury College parents can take a moment to relax in the middle of all the festivities of graduation weekend.

Overall – we say it’s been quite the productive winter and spring and we hope yours has been too!

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  1. I wish you would drop this “box” from your site….so many lovely pics to look at….if one wanted to make a reservation, one could do so w/o the box in the way….all the time….
    we enjoyed our stay here a couple of years ago, and will try and get back again soon.

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