Local Purveyors’ Blog Post Series: Boyden Farm

Boyden Farm sits on a rich flood plain of the Lamoille River in Cambridge, VT. The Boyden family has been farming the 800 acres of land in the valley for over 100 years. Frederick and Phila Boyden purchased the farm in 1914 alongside their nine children and started with just 28 dairy cows. Two of their sons, Winfred and Sterns, helped maintain the farm. Fred Boyden, Winfred’s son, took over the farm with his wife Diancy in the 1970s. Fred and Diancy’s children, David, Mark, and Stephanie Boyden, continue to cultivate the land with beef cattle, organic corn, hay, soy beans, a sugarbush with around 10,000 taps, a wedding barn, and a vineyard with cold climate grapes, rhubarb, and a winery.

Boyden Farm is truly a family affair after four generations of growth and innovation. Mark’s and David’s wives, Lauri and Linda, both work on the farm and play key roles. Lauri is the venue coordinator at The Barn (venue for weddings and other events) and Linda heads up the winery, one of the first licensed in Vermont, with her husband.

One of David Boyden’s passions, and the mission of Boyden Farm, is to run the business using sustainable practices. From what they feed their animals to how they make their wine, they strive to be sustainable and environmentally conscious. Their certified organic soybeans are sold to Vermont Soy for their tofu production. The okara, which is the part of the soybean not used in tofu, is then fed to their animals. The bedding in the barn is made from the straw of the soybeans. This is called “closing the loop” to the biological system. By using every part of the soybean, they aren’t creating any waste in the cycle.

They keep their cattle on a diet of organic high grasses, Timothy Grass, Broome Grass, Fescue Grass, etc, and non-GMO feeds. They’ve committed to not using growth promoting antibiotics or hormones so that their beef is natural and healthy. Grass-fed beef has been known to help the environment in a number of ways, including, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing biodiversity of pasture ecosystems, and improving quality of run-off water.

Join us for dinner here at Jessica’s Restaurant at the Swift House Inn in Middlebury, VT, to get a taste of Boyden Farm’s grass-fed beef in our signature Swift Burger: grass-fed Boyden Farm ground beef, Boucher Blue cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, crispy tobacco onions, challah bun, and served with a choice of Belgian fries or side salad.


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