Covered Bridge Tour Around Middlebury, VT

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that matter, do you agree? Sure, it is fun to plan and go on elaborate vacations around the world but they are not often possible for many families and quite honestly, they can break the bank. We have such beauty around our inn in Middlebury, VT and we also happen to have a great rich history as well. If you are looking for an enjoyable road trip this fall, we suggest combining a look at the beautiful foliage with a covered bridge tour.

You may have seen many a covered bridge in your day but do you know their purpose? The covering protects the structure of the bridge underneath, allowing it to last many years longer than an uncovered bridge. They also protected pedestrians and helped horses from shying away from the water on either side of the bridge. There are about 1600 covered bridges in the world and there are a few around town right here that are worth checking out.

Halpin Covered Bridge – A charming bridge just outside of Middlebury with views over a waterfall below.

Pulp Mill Covered Bridge – Originally built between 1808-1820, this bridge near the center of Middlebury has been preserved and rebuilt. If you walk you can view the river and dam below.

Covered Railroad Bridge in Shoreham – This bridge is not passable but a treasure to see. It was built in 1897 and is a Howe type of construction.

Sanderson Bridge in Brandon – Built in 1840 and rebuilt at the turn of the 21st century, this one crosses Otter Creek and is Brandon’s only standing covered bridge remaining.

Cooley Bridge, Depot Bridge, and Hammond Bridge – These three are all found in Pittsford and were all built in Town Lattice style in the 1840s.

We can share some great restaurants to try, antique spots to hit, and outdoor activities to enjoy during your time here too! Book a memorable fall getaway today.

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