Stunning Lighting Designs From Hubbardton Forge, VT

It is often from simple, humble beginnings from which many successful businesses come—a story that often begins with a creative person with a vision to make something great. This is exactly the story of the Hubbardton Forge, the oldest and largest commercial forge in the country and it is right here in Castleton, VT.
If you aren’t familiar with a forge, simply put, it is a blacksmith’s workshop where workers make or shape metal objects by heating them in a fire or furnace and then beating or hammering it into the desired object. In 1974, Reed Hampton and George Chandler started their own forge in an old barn and the rest, as they say, is history.
The creative and innovative designs that Hampton and Chandler have been able to create have garnered them much recognition across the state of Vermont and beyond. They honed in on designing lighting products in particular and now have a team of 200 people assisting in their endeavors. They create pendants, chandeliers, sconces, and

lamps and each one is made after collaboration between designers, craftsmen, and engineers. Some pieces with a modern flare and others with a timeless classic touch that fits in any home. Each piece is made one at a time so as to not compromise the integrity and quality of their works of art. Their handcrafting is meticulous and they ensure the highest standards are implemented so each piece will last for generations. You can view their products online and search for retailers nearby that carry their creations.

We love to support locally made products–in fact we have several pieces from Hubbardton in our inn! If you are looking for a special gift or even one-of-a-kind souvenir from your time here, we highly encourage you to pick up one of these gorgeous pieces from Hubbardton Forge.

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