Fall Foiliage Season in Vermont

Living in Vermont, it is difficult to say when leaf-peeping season is at its peak, but many would agree that the first week in October is the prime kickoff.

The yellow and orange colors that emerge in the autumn months are actually constantly present in each leaf. However, when the nights grow longer and colder, the cells in the leaf begin to die and prevent nutrients from reaching the leaf. This process forces the chlorophyll, green pigmentation, to break down, unveiling the colors beneath. As the cells continue to die, the stem grows weak and eventually breaks, creating a chore for homeowners. There are a myriad of trees that change with the season, such as Baldcypress, a deciduous conifer that brings a fiery red to your yard; and the Sugar Maple and Red Maple, which range in color, transforming a scene from green to yellow to orange, and finally, red. The natural beauty of Autumn make it a favorite season of many Vermonters and those visiting the state.

There is no one perfect spot to see the land’s foliage at its finest. The peaks of the Green Mountain are the first to change, and their slope side views can be breath taking. Lower elevations around the Champlain Valley are the latest to turn and can be stunning mixed with the greens of the farm lands. Even in the center of Middlebury, the colors of fall create a quaint atmosphere that everyone can appreciate.

Everyone agrees that 2013is one of the best with bright yellows and reds better than recent memories. The Swift House Inn is a great staging location to set out on leaf peeping adventures.  Book your Fall Color Getaway with us soon.

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