Day 23 Hillsdale NY to Manchester VT 84 miles

After waking up in the smallest motel room and having slept in my sleeping bag it was another chilly start.  I trusted my sleeping bag to be clean.  Anyway this was to be a big day and I was concerned.  Just not sure what the terrain and winds would be like to get me the 84 miles.  So after 17 miles in 2 hours I was more concerned .  I figured I needed to average about 11 miles per hour to make it at a reasonable time.  The first 17 proved to have the biggest hills.  The next 2 hours I covered 25 miles, so now I was making time.  I needed to nit Bennington VT, yahoo VT, by 4:00 and then have 21 miles to go to Manchester.  Well I arrived Bennington at 1:30 and I eased up to make  a little after 4 arrival.  I had only been off the bike 3 times the whole day.  I am staying with Frank and Julie the owners of the Inn at Manchester, a really fabulous Inn.  We’ve had a great evening catching up and Frank actually did a solo cross country ride with similar route to my previous ride, so we exchanged stories.  They also made a much appreciated steak dinner.  I’ve had a great evening. Tomorrow is a 68 mile ride to home.  I am so ready to see Michele and be back at the Swift House Inn!   I’m ready!,

Last nights cozy room.

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